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Multilingual Training

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In our language and Spanish departments, we provide multilingual training that gives all students the opportunity to improve their skills in Spanish, English and French. Beyond learning languages, we want them to appreciate other cultures and integrate into the global world. We are here to foster diverse and enriching learning!  


At Buckingham School, we teach English and French using a concept-based approach designed to cultivate lifelong learning. From the time students begin learning a new language, they naturally develop both oral and written skills. The process of teaching English begins in preschool and extends through eleventh grade, is an integral part of the PYP, MYP and DP programs. 

Program approach

Our curriculum framework is structured around three fundamental elements: language, culture and literature. These elements are integrated and developed throughout the PYP, MYP and DP programs, ensuring a complete and continuous education for our students.

The PYP Approach 

At Buckingham School we understand language teaching and learning as social acts. Therefore, the school experience at the linguistic level privileges relationships with others, the context, the environment, the world and oneself. In the PYP, the three areas of language are learned across all aspects of the curriculum, considering both the receptive (receiving and constructing meaning) and expressive (creating and sharing meaning) aspects.



The MYP Approach 

Inquiry is the foundation of language learning in the MYP. The program enables students to develop skills necessary for disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding in the other subject groups. In the MYP literature takes on a more formal character and the development of language skills focuses on the development of competent readers, speakers and writers.  

The DP Approach 

The Spanish – Literature course in the DP explores how literature represents the complexities of everyday life, fostering independent and critical thinking. The focus of the program is on the development of literary critical skills and transdisciplinary exploration, considering historical, social, and cultural connections.

Language Support Center

At Buckingham School we offer personalized support to students who require additional help in acquiring their second language, either English or Spanish (in the case of foreign students).


This service is provided both to students entering the school and to students who need to improve their command of the language, taking into account their performance in class.