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la misión de la tecnología

The mission of the technology area is to help students develop their critical and logical thinking, stimulate their curiosity and desire for knowledge, help them understand the ethical, moral, social, economic and environmental implications of the use of technology and information in order to understand the world around them.

To achieve this objective, students carry out research projects that constitute an investigative effort focused on finding answers to a given topic and demonstrate the application of technological tools to provide solutions that have practical applications.


Our students demonstrate their skills and knowledge in robotics and programming in different scenarios. Some of the events in which Buckingham School has participated are:


The robotics and programming contest is held within the school space, to which around 15 schools are invited. A specialist in the area is also invited to this event, whose role is to encourage the students interest in technology, as well as the taste and passion for science. The categories presented are:   

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