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What is the Council of International Schools (CIS)?

It is a non-profit organization that provides high-quality international education services to more than 1,340 schools and universities in 121 countries. It is a community that works to shape the future of international education. Collectively, it inspires the formation of global citizens through relevant and high-quality information, connecting ideas, cultures, and educators from all corners of the world. 

How do we experience the accreditation process?

The accreditation process provides us with an organized way to reflect, evaluate and continually improve. We began the CIS Cycle in 2019 upon obtaining membership; we had the Preparatory Visit at the end of 2020, where we demonstrated readiness for the rigorous accreditation process. In April 2022, we received the visit that granted us accreditation. 

This international accreditation demonstrates that our school: 


Focuses on the quality of teaching and student progress.


Prioritizes the protection and well-being of students.


Has a clear purpose and direction.


Is committed with global citizenship.


Reflects on the services it offers to students, families, and the community at large, understanding itself.


Constantly seeks to improve its performance in all areas to achieve relevant learning outcomes.

Codigo de etica

Works on its mission and vision for students and consistently adheres to the CIS Code of Ethics.


Plans strategically for the future.