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Vocational Guidance

orientacion vocacional semicirculo
orientacion se desarrolla

At Buckingham School we have an office exclusively dedicated to the implementation of the vocational orientation program.  The program is designed to support students and parents in the process of planning the life project of our students.    

The orientation is developed in the tenth and eleventh grades, where 5 lines of action are established for students to connect with their being, have clarity about themselves and make deliberate decisions about what they want to do. 

Life plan: Making Decisions

Defining what to study, where and how, is one more decision that allows us to know ourselves, learn and align our interests to continue a new stage after school. We support our students in making decisions with diverse tools that allow the recognition of their natural talents, strengths and thoughts, so they can manage their present and project their future. 

Plan de vida: tomando decisiones

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