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Joining forces with parents to build dreams together  

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We are certain that the true magic of education lies in being allies with parents. We recognize parents as the best partners in the formation and integral development of our students.

Working together we can guarantee an effective accompaniment to all children and young people in the construction of a balanced life project that will lead them to happiness, excellence and the fulfillment of their dreams and goals. 

With this objective in mind, we have outlined the following lines of work with our parents: 


Padres de familia

New Ways to Accompany Our Children: Parent Talks  

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and each student is unique. To support our families, we offer workshops for parents and caregivers. Our sessions, led by school psychologists and supported by experts, will help you immerse yourself in learning and reflecting on the challenges of guiding your children at different stages of growth.

We cover important topics such as parenting patterns, frustration tolerance, school conflict management, bullying, rules, boundaries, prevention, and much more. Participate to strengthen your role as a parent! 

RedPapaz: United for Growth and Protection 

We understand that education does not only take place in the classroom, but also in homes and social interactions. RedPapaz, present for more than two decades, seeks that parents of all partner schools become protective Angels, forming a network.  

They offer workshops and training for schools, fathers and mothers, addressing issues such as protective environments, safe use of ICT, lifestyles for well-being, socio-affective development, parenting and education. As Buckingham School we are part of this network, supporting parents in their noble task of educating and caring for their children. 


Padres de familia


Padres de familia

Family Day 

Once a year, the Integration Committee organizes Family Day, an event that our children look forward to with great enthusiasm, as it provides an opportunity to share with the entire Buckingham family.

This special day offers a wide variety of food, fun games, entrepreneurial displays, entertainment, bingo, tómbola and other activities that strengthen our bonds. This event is not only a celebration, it is a unique occasion to strengthen the connection and sense of community. 

Parental Involvement and Commitment to the Houses

In line with the house system implemented in our school, representatives of the different house committees participate in various activities. This participation enriches and generates favorable spaces to share unique moments with our children.

The collaboration of parents in these committees strengthens the connection between the educational community and contributes to the inclusive and participatory environment that characterizes our school. 


Padres de familia


Padres de familia

I Protect You: Protecting the Future, One Report at a Time

In a world where children and adolescents are growing up in complex environments influenced by technology and diverse contexts, protecting them is a priority. Recognizing this, the National Government in collaboration with Redpapaz and other organizations, created the confidential reporting system: Te Protejo. This virtual resource has been vital in promoting the protection of children and adolescents in Colombia and is accessible to all through the following link: https://teprotejocolombia.org/  

In our school we are united to this initiative promoting a safe environment for our students. 

Give Me a 2nd Hand

Considering that sustainability is one of our fundamental pillars, the Petit committee, made up of parent representatives, has decided to lead the initiative Give me a 2nd Hand. The purpose of this initiative is to promote the reuse of uniforms, school supplies and books in good condition.   

We invite you to participate in this initiative! Donate the items to be traded and with 100% of the proceeds contribute to the campaign Todos por un Techo (All for a Roof). 


Padres de familia