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School Garden Project: Cultivating Knowledge and Sustainability

Buckingham School established the school vegetable garden in 2022, a project that sparks scientific curiosity while promoting sustainable practices. From species “recognition” to data research and visual representations, it is a space in which students develop interdisciplinary skills and foster environmental awareness.

In the “germination” phase, students move from theory to practice, planting and recording seedling growth. “Planting” marks the transplanting of seedlings into the garden, with detailed observation and documentation. The final phase, “research,” highlights the transformation of data into visual representations and evaluates the sustainability of the project, promoting analytical skills and critical thinking.

This project not only enriches students’ scientific knowledge, it also fosters connections between disciplines and improves a holistic understanding of the natural world. In addition, the incorporation of cultivated products, such as cape gooseberry, into school meals highlights the tangible impact of sustainable practices. 

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