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Leader in ME

We all possess talents and can be leaders! We know that change begins with ourselves. The education of our students is not only focused on academic performance but also on their comprehensive development, which is why we are certified with the Leader In Me program.

leader in me

"If you want small changes, work on your behavior; if you want quantum-leap changes, work on your paradigms”.

¿Qué es Leader in ME?

What is Leader In Me? 

A program that seeks the integral development of children and youth, preparing them to thrive in a world that is in constant change. The 7 habits are the core of the program, influencing both the actions and the results of each activity. In this way, our students lead their own educational process.

We are a Lighthouse School

In 2014, Colombia became the first country in Latin America to have a private educational institution certified by the internationally recognized Leader in Me model: Buckingham School. In this way, we became lighthouse school for Latin America, which imposes on us the responsibility of being guides in the country and the region in the development of leadership in children and young people.

Somos Colegio Faro
equipo faro

Faro Team  

The mission of the Faro Team is to promote the Leader in Me model within the educational community so that it remains active and strengthened year after year. It is made up of the school administration, section heads, a teacher representative, an administrative representative, the head of psychology, student representatives and a parent.


Our team orients new members in the process of adopting the Leader In Me lifestyle, ensuring that they are trained, sensitized and informed about the 7 habits. In addition, it leads the community-wide participation plan and promotes leadership development in different day-to-day scenarios.