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Leadership day, The best day of the year!

We have our leadership day to celebrate the Buckingham community’s achievements. It is perhaps the best day of the year, where we show our talents, proactivity and learning; we also listen and evaluate the leadership experiences of people linked in some way to our institution. Finally, the school invited the Paralympic champions who told us about their arduous journey to reach their goals. On leadership day there was a competition between houses. This consisted in finding the pieces to construct the puzzle of a leadership representative figure. To get it they would have to decipher the tracks that gave the location of the piece. Following this they had to solve a series of questions and put the puzzle together. We congratulate the technology house for winning this competition. We also thank Daphne Barquin, Sandra Velandia,  11th grade students and teachers for organizing different events.

David Villazón 9 ° A

UCB basketball champions

Once again we are proud of our students’ sports achievements, in this case the children’s basketball team led by the physical education Frank Gutiérrez. After great effort and dedication, they were crowned the best team of this year in their category thanks to their discipline and spirit of improvement that characterizes the Buckingham student. Congratulations from our entire school community and we look forward to your sports and academic achievements in the future.

Siempre Colombia 2016 Excursions

The Buckingham School students have traveled throughout the Colombian geography in search of expansion of knowledge and national identity. This time our students traveled to Riohacha, Guajira and the Amazonas, among others. These groups were accompanied by guides who told stories and anecdotes from several of the visited sites. Siempre Colombia has 18 years of experience guaranteeing high quality and safety standards to students who decide to undertake these trips. The school has placed its trust in this company, allowing its students to participate in an unforgettable trip. This blend of learning and fun ensures the acquisition of life skills.

 María Corina Alicandú 8 ° A

The Marymount School´s United Nations Model (Barranquilla)

Like every year, our school participated in the United Nations Model coordinated by the Marymount School in Barranquilla. Schools from different cities of the country participated, among them, Barranquilla, Medellín, La Guajira, Cartagena and Bogotá. This Model took place in the Dann Carlton Hotel in Barranquilla that hosted teachers and students for this event. Our school representatives were: Juan Pablo Reyes, Guadalupe González, Julián Arroyo, Nicolás Estévez, Fernando Pinto and Miguel Ángel Quintero. Our students did an excellent role, and with great joy we can communicate that Nicolás Estévez, 6C, received a mention of honor and that Julian Arroyo, 7A, won the Best Delegate award. Both the environment and the organization of the model were exemplary and represented an academic and personal challenge for our students.

Alejandro Cubillos 9-A 

Schools to the cinema: Jericó: The infinite flight of the days.

The Colombian director Catalina Mesa’s beautiful work, was epicenter and excuse for our Spanish class’ second Movie Forum; In it, the woman’s gestural, energetic and sexual body is meat, is labor force, is reproductive function and above all, as Catalina states: is love. In The El intercambio simbólico y la muerte (1992)Baudrillard speaks of the subtraction of the feminine element by the bet to a functionality process in terms of merchandise; using a Marxist term, fetishization of the feminine for the sake of the modeling processes of consumer societies. It is from this perspective the infinite flight of the days a restoration of the feminine from the concept of memory and oblivion, the way in which time creates a deep, indelible imprint on individuals, on people, on our Colombian women.  

Hernán Escobar (Spanish and Literature).

Among the best schools in Colombia

We want to share with you that our school is ranked as the second best private high school in Colombia, according to the ISCE tests conducted by the Ministry of National Education.

The most competitive Colombian school

We are proud to share the news published in the online edition of the Money Magazine “Dinero” where the school was mentioned as well: "Colombia has one of the most competitive schools in the region according to The Franklin Covey Education Organization and its program called - The Leader in Me -"

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